Escaped QAnon Member Reveals Terrifying Secrets of the Group

Qanon is within days of exploding into violence, according to an ex-member of the cult who opened up about their twisted fantasies and bizarre lies.

QAnon is dying a slow death because most people don’t believe what they’ve heard, and social media clamps down on absurd claims.

Jitarth Jadeja, a former member of QAnon, told that the group is indeed alive, and they await the ‘storm’.

QAnon has become a more decentralized movement with wild beliefs growing with distrust of the institution without Trump in office and the mysterious ‘Q’ leading it.

Without a real purpose, a movement can become a serious problem. According to Jadeja, “QAnon has a lot in common with doomsday cults and in the past, doomsday cults turned violent.”

According to him, the January 6 Capitol Riot was not a surprise: “Eventually, Anons will get tired of waiting for the Storm. Then, they will take the bringing of the martial law into their own hands.

“I had lost two years of my life to a vile conspiracy crafted by a psychopath,” he said. “I had even introduced my dad to it. He is still a follower; I can’t get through to him.”

According to him, the average person is “underestimating the real-world danger.”

The winter of 2017 was when Jadeja became deeply involved with QAnon. The group attempted to glamourize violence against notable figures without providing any proof that these ideas held up.

“I was looking forward to the execution of Hillary Clinton,” he said to Politico, “whom Q portrayed as a paedophile and a murderer. I would have cheered.”

“I internalized the idea that the world was run by the Cabal, a Satan-worshiping child-molesting group of liberal politicians, Hollywood moguls, billionaires, and other influential elites,” he expressed.

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“I believed that Donald Trump was leading the fight against the Cabal and that there was a plan in place to defeat them. I couldn’t wait for the coming of the Storm.”

He continued: “QAnon showed me that I can be enthusiastic about violence, and it’s hard to forgive myself for that.”

Earlier in 2019, Jadeja “escaped the lie” after discovering that QAnon was nothing but a sick and twisted fiction.

According to QAnons, “tippy top” symbolized Trump’s belief that things were looking good in their fight against the “deep state.”

A deeper investigation into the meaning of the phrase revealed that “Trump had always used this phrase a lot, long before he ever ran for the presidency and Q came to be.”

Even though Jadeja felt “politically homeless”, discussing his escape with media outlets was “cathartic.”

He told: “I even apologized to Anderson Cooper on his show for having once thought that he ate babies.”

In discussing his goal, Jadeja frankly admitted that he would like former QAnon members to share their experiences so he could “fade away into obscurity and bum around.”

“I had a life before this and I want to go back to it,” he added.

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