Effort to Recall Controversial Los Angeles Councilman Kevin de Leon

A recall campaign has been initiated in response to Kevin de León‘s refusal to resign from the Los Angeles City Council. It is in response to widespread public and peer pressure.

The Daily News reports that the recall petition was submitted to the City Clerk on Thursday. Five constituents from de León’s 14th District in the city signed the intent to sue notice.

120 Days to Gather Signatures

After the petition is validated, the organisers have 120 days to gather signatures from 15% of the district’s voters, or more than 21,000. The current term of De León will end in December of 2024.

This comment was sent by Pete Brown of de León’s office, “There will be no deterrent to the Councilmember or his office from continuing to serve the people of Council District 14 despite the fact that this is the third time a recall has been attempted and all previous efforts have failed.

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The neighbourhoods and lives of his people are too important to him for him to stop pushing ahead on crucial initiatives and challenges. “

Regarding Racial Slurs

Numerous people have demanded that De León and Councilman Gil Cedillo quit. It is after their names surfaced in connection with a leaked discussion from 2021 in which racial slurs were made. Both of them were reprimanded by the council on Thursday.

Although he lost the primary for reelection in June, Cedillo’s tenure does not end until December, so there is no way to recall him. Members of the council cannot be removed from their positions.

Even though de León hasn’t shown up to a council meeting since October 11th, protesters have shown up to each and every one of them to express their displeasure.

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The Los Angeles Police Department called it an illegal demonstration on Wednesday after activists in the council chambers got disruptive.

In response to the scandal, the council is going to talk about making a new committee on Friday.

The goals of the new committee are to make things more open, stop corruption, and make municipal leadership more representative.

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