Edgewater Apartment Dispute Ends in Tragedy: 29-Year-Old Man Dies

According to the police, a man who was 29 years old passed away early on Sunday morning after being shot in the aftermath of an altercation that took place at an apartment in Edgewater.

At around 5:18 in the morning, officers from the Edgewater Police Department went to a disturbance in the 2700 block of Ingalls Street. Upon arrival, they discovered a man who was suffering from at least one gunshot wound.

Despite the efforts of emergency medical workers, the man ultimately succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

1 dead in shooting, person of interest critically injured:

Not only that, but another man was discovered suffering from head injuries. The man was taken to a nearby hospital, where he was found to be in a critical condition.

The first inquiry revealed that there was a dispute that took place at the flat, which ultimately resulted in the shooting to take place. A 29-year-old resident of Edgewater was identified as the victim.

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An individual who was discovered to be suffering from head trauma was a 29-year-old male from Denver. According to the police, this individual was considered a person of interest in the homicide.

Detective Chad Slaven can be reached at 720-763-3024, and Metro Denver Crime Stoppers can be reached at 720-913-7867.

If you desire to remain anonymous, you are encouraged to contact any of these numbers if you have any information regarding the event.

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