East County Immigrant Families Stuck in Afghanistan! Waiting for the Help, But…

At least six immigrant families hailing from the Cajon Valley Union School District in East County California are among those stuck in Afghanistan following the fall of the Afghan government into the Taliban after the US military withdrawal. The families are now asking for assistance after missing their flights back to California because of the chaos that transpired in Kabul airport, where they were blocked when they were trying to escape to board an aircraft as the Afghan government collapsed.

The reports reached the school district when one of the parents contacted the school saying that their children would be late for the school year, which started on August 17. Among the families stuck in the country, 24 students ranging from preschoolers to high school students were identified. The said students and their parents were actually ethnic Afghans who were in the country for summer break with their families to visit extended family members.

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While stuck in Afghanistan, the students have witnessed traumatic shootings and other forms of violence in and around the Kabul airport. Their safety continues to be a heavy concern as reports of violence in Afghanistan, especially against women and children persist.

The Biden administration has since pledged to evacuate endangered Afghans, including special immigrant visa (SIV) applicants. On Friday, President Biden announced that “any American who wants to go home will take you home.” He also mentioned that US troops are bound to complete all evacuations by August 31, which is their formal depart from Afghanistan. As of the moment, it is unclear whether the evacuation will include the six-stranded families.

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