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Dwayne Johnson Drives Fan to Tears of Joy After Gifting Him His Own Truck

On Thursday in Los Angeles, actor Dwayne Johnson, 49, held a special screening of his new Netflix movie Red Notice, which included free concessions and his own Teremana tequila as treats to fans.

However, one viewer was in for a very special surprise while the special screening was taking place.

“Today was a good day. Merry Christmas @coach_orod and enjoy your new truck,” Johnson said as the event began.

“I invited fans to a special theater screening of Red Notice and I wanted to do something cool for all of them. Free concessions, @projectrock, @teremana, @zoaenergy, @saltandstraw ice cream. Free everything and a great time at the movies!” he continued.

The Rock said he wanted to give something “massive” and “unforgettable” for one fan in attendance.

During the screening, Johnson gathered as much information about each fan at the event as he could before deciding that Oscar Rodriguez’s story had been the most moving story to him.

“Takes care of his 75-year-old mom. Personal trainer. Leader at his church. Provides support and meals for women victimized by domestic violence. Proud & humbled Navy veteran, Kind human being,” he said of Oscar.

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How Dwayne Johnson overflowed a fan’s heart with joy

Dwayne Johnson had taken preliminary steps to have the gifting moment captured in a video.

In the video, out of the blue, Johnson surprised his audience by calling Oscar to the stage before the movie began.

During his speech, Johnson said Oscar’s story “really moved” him while mentioning that Oscar is a personal trainer, a leader in the church, and a caregiver to his 75-year-old mother, all of which was well-lauded by the audience with applause.

In addition to talking about his story, Rodriguez also said that The Rock had constantly inspired him and that he wanted them to “change the world, one person, at a time.”

As he concluded his story, Johnson later thanked Osar.

After a few moments, The Rock gave Oscar a note that read, “Thank you for your service, brother, enjoy the new truck.”

Oscar dropped to the ground as soon as he read the note, covering his face in disbelief.

With an overwhelmed look, Oscar stood up and gave The Rock a big hug, and Dwayne told him, “You do a lot of good for people man.”

Oscar said to Dwayne he thought this was his (Dwayne) truck, and The Rock replied, “This is my personal truck and it’s yours now.”

He further told The Rock his girlfriend would go on a ‘trip,’ because of the great gift The gave him.

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Oscar later thanked The Rock for being so generous with his truck, “Thank you, bro. It’s just love, you know.” Oscar said.

Upon Oscar getting into his new truck, Johnson said that the day was “pretty special” and he was honored to, “give a little joy to a dude who deserves probably a lot more than just my truck.”

The video ended while The Rock attempted to find a way back home after giving his ride to someone else.

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