Driver Walks Free After Hitting Six Cyclists, Killing One in Liberty County

A Massachusetts guy was shot outside Houston Saturday when a motorist dropped into a team of riders near the center mark of a 2,400-mile hybrid nation bicycle trip.

Police recognized the killed cyclist as 51-year-old Kent Joshua Wosepka from South Hamilton, Massachusetts.

When the accident happened, he was between six cycling fans performing their yearly trek from San Diego to St. Augustine, Florida.

The team was traveling eastbound on FM 787 in Liberty County, about three miles outside Rye, Texas, throughout 11 a.m. when a 66-year-old guy riding a Ford Escape “left to keep [his] activity” and dropped into the society, according to Sgt. Erik Burse of Texas DPS.

Wosepka has been transported to a Beaumont clinic 40 miles apart. He was proclaimed dead Sunday.

A 54-year-old lady from South Hamilton and a 59-year-old lady from Santa Rosa, California, were further transported to severe hospital circumstances. None of the other cyclists were wounded, according to Sgt. Burse.

The motorist was rescued from the scene without credits or a charge despite the first police record regarding his speed.

Burse announced that researchers with Texas DPS proceed to piece collectively what occurred and decide if prices are registered. The driver was three miles apart from the house when the collision happened.

In Massachusetts, Wosepka was extremely concerned and wore several caps involving painter, neighborhood activist, and council of governors chair at the Montserrat College of Art.

“The failure of our committee chair saddens us and dear friend, Kent Wosepka,” Montserrat director Dr. Kurt T. Steinberg stated in a report.

“Kent rejoined the council in 2017 and was a very powerful member from the starting, becoming committee chair in 2020.

Kent actively worked on various boards for the university, involving chairing the finance council, on which he assisted build the college’s legacy and setting the college up for ultimate success.

Kent supported and championed the reforms Montserrat has been performing in our offices. He was a very powerful member of the Strategic Plan Committee, which guided the college’s prospects.

“Kent was moved to Montserrat because of the college’s fame, and he took the Montserrat area in high esteem,” Steinberg stated.

“He enjoyed working as a controller and was a regular appearance at every major meeting and reception. He will be genuinely missed and very kindly retained.”

Saturday’s crash is the second high-profile bike collision in Greater Houston in as several months. On Sept. 25, a 16-year-old motorist smashed into a team of cyclists in Waller County.

The teen was let go, despite seriously damaging a number of the passengers. The area lawyer is introduced to declare possible charges about the Waller occurrence on Nov. 8.

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