DoorDash Employee Complains About Driving and Making One Delivery Every Month

A staff member who earns $400K a year vented on social media about having to drive for the company at least once a month. Meanwhile, every staff as well as the CEO is required to drive for the company at least once a month.

In an effort to improve employee morale, DoorDash is required all employees, including its CEO, to deliver at least once a month.

But as it stands, not every employee likes the initiative, and some have taken to anonymous platforms to voice their concerns.

DoorDash’s employees must participate in its WeDash program at least once a month, including those working in its corporate offices.

Each employee can substitute it for other experiences, such as shadowing customer-service staff, if they are not able to deliver.

DoorDash’s employee engagement program, WeDash, aims to help employees “learn firsthand how the technology products we build empower local economies, which in turn helps us build a better product,” a spokesperson for DoorDash said.

The employee who reported the case, via a post, earned $400,000 annually.

The post was titled “DoorDash making engineers deliver food” and was posted on the anonymous employee social network Blind.

“Mandatory ‘WeDash’ starts from next year. You need to dash once a month. WILL BE TRACKED IN PERFORMANCE REVIEWS!! What the actual fuck? I didn’t sign up for this, there was nothing in the offer letter/job description about this,” the post stated.

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Since December 19, over 1600 comments have been left on the post.

The original post was made by an employee of DoorDash, according to Blind.

Platform users must use their work email addresses to sign up and their employment is periodically verified.

“Not acceptable in any way!” said a Blind eBay employee.

“And most of us would wave bye-bye.” wrote an employee of DoorDash.

There are some DoorDash employees who have come to the defense of the program.

“Most of my coworkers and I are excited. DD pays well and I get to better understand what I’m working on, and hopefully improve the experience for our dashers. \_()_/,” one DoorDash employee said on Blind.

According to another DoorDash employee, the task wasn’t as challenging as the original poster thought, but “this should have been placed in the job description of people’s employment contracts.”

“Seriously? They’re paying you 400K and want you to deliver food once a month so you can actually experience your product and you’re complaining? What’s wrong with you?” wrote a DocuSign employee.

During the Pandemic, the WeDash program was paused, according to a spokesperson for DoorDash. It is now back in service.

“The sentiment of the employee on Blind is not a reflection of the employee base at large,” the spokesperson said.

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