Donald Trump hits child in head with baseball in viral video

Donald Trump unexpectedly hit a kid on the head with a baseball at the World Series, a funny video posted online programs. The past president visited the game in Atlanta, Georgia, among the Atlanta Braves and Houston Astro’s, and remained in an external line with partner Melania.

Nearly a year after Donald Trump wasted the 2020 U.S. official vote, he’s also had to manage a professional in expert baseball. A video published on TikTok presents the past president unexpectedly hitting a kid on the head with a ball after driving it back to the youthful enthusiast at the World Series last Saturday.

Trump saw the Atlanta Braves operate the Houston Astros at Truist Park in Atlanta, Georgia, with his partner Melania when the occurrence happened. Sadly for him, the video has been publicly shared online.

Trump TikTok Clip Viral

The minute-and-a-half-long video was published by TikTok user loupastore27 and has been seen above 817,000 times on the platform. In the clip, the youthful child, seated below Trump’s line, can be observed attempting to take Trump’s recognition before throwing the ball to him to confirm.

The past president grabs the ball and is marked claiming someone for a pen. After confirming the baseball, he tried to toss it back to his follower, randomly hitting the kid next to him on the head preferably.

According to TMZ, no one was hurt— aside from perhaps Trump’s personality. Slate described the past president has earlier boasted regarding his baseball abilities, composing in 2004: “I was assumed to be an expert baseball athlete. 

I struggled hard like everyone else, but I had great skill.” In a 2010 conversation with MTV, Trump again stated: “I was assumed to be an expert baseball athlete,” this period scoring a wave: “Luckily, I chose to move into real estate preferably.”

Trump declared again in 2013 that he was “supposed to be the best ball member in N.Y. State.”

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