Does R. Kelly Deserve Acquittal or a New Trial – His Lawyer Argues for that, Pointing Out Some Technicalities

A federal jury in Chicago found R&B superstar R. Kelly guilty of child pornography charges this summer. Still, his defense team argued Tuesday that he deserved a fresh trial or be acquitted on technical grounds.

Jennifer Bonjean, Kelly’s defense attorney, essentially restates arguments she made throughout the trial, which took place at the Dirksen Federal Courthouse. Following her ordeal, Kelly was found guilty on all three counts of producing child pornography and luring a juvenile into illegal sexual activity.

Kelly’s defense attorney argued that the prosecution’s case against Kelly lacked sufficient evidence

Bonjean argued in two motions that the prosecution’s case against Kelly lacked sufficient evidence to sustain a conviction. She said that they could not prove that Kelly sexually abused a minor with the intent to create child pornography or that the photos were transported in interstate or international commerce.

Further, she stated that the prosecution had not demonstrated that Kelly had “persuaded, induced, enticed, or coerced” the three victims to engage in sexual conduct with him. Finally, she claimed that the prosecution’s expert witness on child sexual abuse grooming gave misleading testimony on his hourly fee and trial preparation time.

According to her, he stated that his rate was $250, although his contract stipulated $450.
She added that he billed the federal government for 6.5 hours of preparation time but only testified that he spent two.

In most cases, judges will typically deny motions like the ones Bonjean filed on Tuesday. The prosecutorial response date has been established for December 6. Kelly was convicted of racketeering in New York and is serving a 30-year jail term.

When U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber finally sentences him, he will undoubtedly receive an extended prison term. The hearing before Leinenweber to determine Kelly’s sentence is scheduled on February 23.

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