Doctors Warns After Finding ‘Unusual Omicron Symptoms’ in Children

One unusual Omicron symptom that parents should watch for in their children has been reported.

A London doctor has reported that rashes occur in young children who are infected with this new variant.

In his experience, roughly 15 percent of children have confirmed Omicron cases with rashes symptoms, Dr. David Lloyd, a GP from north London disclosed.

Other symptoms reported thus far in adults include fatigue, headaches, and appetite loss.

The difference in symptoms was considered by the expert to be “quite important,” as well as the rash, Sky News reported.

Based on what he has seen, the doctor believes that cases are doubling quickly, saying, “So let’s hope that it isn’t as deadly as the Delta, and let’s hope that we can get on top of it. But it’s a concerning time.”

“We’ve always had a small cohort of patients with COVID who are getting funny rashes, but up to 15 percent of the Omicron children are getting an unusual rash,” he announced.

“So we’re starting to learn a little bit more about the virus and we are starting to look out for it.”

Earlier, a COVID expert warned that people could miss cases because the wrong symptoms are being identified.

One of COVID-19’s three primary symptoms is a new persistent cough, followed by a high temperature and loss of taste and smell.

Doctors said the primary symptoms of the Omicron variant that is spreading in the UK – and which could prompt the introduction of Plan B – are different from those currently listed by the National Health Service (NHS).

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Since March 2020, the NHS has maintained the same list of symptoms even as new strains of the virus have emerged.

Tim Spector, professor at King’s College London and creator of the ZOE Symptom Tracker App, has long urged the NHS to add more symptoms to their official list.

The main symptoms of the Omicron variant, which was originally detected in South Africa, are fatigue, body aches, and headaches.

Patients have not reported losing taste and smell, according to Dr. Angelique Coetzee, chair of the South African Medical Association.

Omicron is spreading, and it is estimated that there might be 90,000 cases by Christmas. Meanwhile, Delta still dominates the number of cases found in the UK, however.

The new variant has just been known about for two weeks, and efforts are being made to fully understand it.

Nonetheless, more research is needed to determine how easily can it spread and whether it can evade vaccines.

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