Do You Wonder About the Attractive Setting of ‘Glass Onion’?-Here is all you Want to Know about Where it was Filmed

Knives Out’s first sequel, Glass Onion, dropped on Netflix last Friday and has gained much attention.

Glass Onion’s environment is a significant selling point, nevertheless. The first Knives Out movie takes place in a Massachusetts mansion reminiscent of a Clue board game; the second film relocates to a private estate in Greece, where the main character moves into a house called the “Glass Onion.” Excitingly, many of the sites where it was shot exist in the real world.

The “Glass Onion” was the real-life hotel and resort Amanzoe, where Blanc and company stayed

The resort is located on the Greek mainland in a region known as the Peloponnese, and it offers stunning views of the Ionian Sea and miles of olive fields. Spetses, located in the Saronic Gulf, was used for filming in Glass Onion as a stand-in for the Greek island of Hydra.

A scenario waiting for the arrival of a yacht was shot in the port of Dapia on the northern shore of Spetses. The majority of the movie wasn’t even shot in Greece. Most of the hotel’s interior, as well as the fake New York and New England internal locations, were constructed in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

It’s no secret that Amanzoe is a highly selective resort. Depending on how you look at it, a night in one of the resort’s apartments can cost as much as $2,000 (£1,655). Inquire about pricing if you’re interested in visiting the Villa 20 location, where most Glass Onion was shot.


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