Disturbing Finds At Aaron Carter’s Death Scene

According to reports, after singer Aaron Carter passed away, police discovered a variety of strange objects at his home. In his bedroom and bathroom, evidence of compressed air canisters and several drugs was discovered.

Carter, 34, had previously discussed his struggles with substance usage, including his addiction to “puff,” which involves pressing an inhalant-soaked cloth to the mouth. On November 5, soon after 11 a.m., the LAPD responded to the former Backstreet Boys star’s mansion in Lancaster, California, where they discovered him dead in the bathtub.

The terrifying cry, “He’s dead, he’s dead!” was heard by neighbors when an employee entered the house, according to sources who spoke to the US Sun. Before he was found, his body had been in the water for some time. The medical examiner is awaiting more details from a toxicology analysis before releasing the cause of death.

Gary Madatyan, one of Carter’s friends, reportedly saw aerosol cans at the singer’s home just before he passed away. After Carter’s passing, Madatyan and Melanie Martin, who is the mother of his kid and was Carter’s ex-partner, were given permission to enter the house.

Just a few people were permitted into the residence after the body had been removed. “We only wanted to enter the premises to check for any signs of blood, alcohol, or other substances. When Carter posted an Instagram Live in September that looked to show him puffing, followers were alarmed.

In addition to losing custody of his newborn son, Prince, and the 2012 death of his sister Leslie, Carter had been “truly struggling,” according to Madatyan. In addition to having a complicated connection with The Backstreet Boys members, including his brother Nick Carter, he unexpectedly lost his father in 2017.


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