Denver Police Arrest Suspect in Teen Car Seller’s Shooting

The police caught a 23-year-old guy they think shot a teenager in Denver and took his car. The teen, Marco Soledad, agreed to meet a guy he found on Facebook Marketplace to sell his 2001 Mercedes Benz.

But instead of buying it, the guy shot Marco in the leg and drove away in the car. Marco yelled for help, saw his leg bleeding a lot, and ended up in the hospital for four days.

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The police arrested Alec Deschryver. He’s in trouble for lots of things, including trying to kill someone. Marco feels relieved that the police caught the guy who did this, especially because it happened when lots of people were around.

Arrest made after Denver teen shot while selling car:

But Marco’s car got wrecked, and he doesn’t think he’ll get it back working. It’s tough for him because he wanted to sell it to buy a better car for winter and to drive his family, including his fiancée and 6-month-old baby.

His family is trying to raise money to help pay for his hospital bills and maybe get a different car.

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