Dem governors want to hand out inflation relief cash

Some Democratic governors up for re-election are proposing to use their budget surplus to deliver cash directly to residents through stimulus cheques and refunds.

Americans are feeling the pinch of inflation and skyrocketing gas prices, so this is a welcome balm for them – and for potential voters.




The specifics are as follows: Gov. Gavin Newsom of California has proposed to pay drivers $400 per vehicle as part of a new system of direct payments. It’s capped at two vehicles per family.

In Hawaii, Gov. David Ige is proposing to use his state’s surplus to distribute $100 refund checks.

Recently, Gov. Janet T. Mills of Maine recommended a rise in the amount of “direct relief” provided to the people of her state. The $850 relief checks would be handed “in the face of record-high inflation and rising oil and gas prices caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine,” said a governor’s press statement.

If Gov. Laura Kelly’s proposal is approved, Kansas taxpayers would receive a $250 one-time tax rebate.

There’s more.

According to a recent announcement by Governor Tim Walz, Minnesotans would now receive direct payments of $500 per individual and $1,000 per couple, called “Walz checks.”

In Michigan, car owners are poised to receive a $400 insurance refund for vehicles, based on legislation signed by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

And in New Mexico, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed a law that will offer residents with a one-time, refundable income tax credit of $500 for married couples and $250 for single filers.

Those who qualify for the refund must be married and make less than $150,000, or be single and make less than $75,000 to be eligible.

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