Deceased father and daughter discovered in East Chatham apartment

On Wednesday, a father and a daughter were discovered dead in their East Chatham residence.

Both man and wife had been shot at the house on Drexel Avenue and 82nd Street, and the lady’s little boy was found inside but unscathed.

CPD Deputy Chief Senora Ben said during a press conference that officers were called to the building to do a welfare check on a resident.

Both the woman, age 27, and the male, age 79, were discovered dead in the flat. Javonni Jenkins was the name given to us by family and friends.

Family members named Curtis Hardman as her dad. Additionally, a 2-year-old boy was discovered uninjured in his residence by police.

As a preventative measure, he was transported to the hospital. The Chicago Police Department took evidence bags out of the apartment late on Wednesday.

Her coworkers at Holy Cross Hospital, where she works as a medical assistant, told CBS 2’s Charlie De Mar that they were worried when she didn’t show up for work and phoned the police to check on her safety.

Friendship partner Nicole Worth remarked, “That girl had a heart of gold.” “In other words, she was completely open and vulnerable.

A room could not have been darkened by her radiant grin. No matter what, she was never defeated.

When she was concerned by something, you could tell even though she rarely discussed her feelings.”

Worth claimed that she was the one who requested that Jenkins’ well-being be checked on.

Worth remarked that after a while, it became apparent that no one had come to check on the baby and that no one was conversing with the infant.

“His diaper was the only thing covering his nakedness. So obviously, something has gone wrong.” A cousin named Germaine Owens said that Giovanni’s dad was her primary caregiver.

“Curtis is a loving father, a loving father,” Owens gushed. Curtis raised Giovanni after her mother died when she was young, and the two became quite close.

And Jenkins was currently the primary caretaker of her own son. Owens stated that whatever took Jenkins’ life “like she’s trash” was a “monster.” Jenkins “was raising her child, doing good for herself,” Owens claimed.

When Worth found out that Jenkins’s son was unharmed, he felt a sense of relief. Nonetheless, nobody missed his horrifying realization.

“For them to take her away from her son — that’s all that baby knows,” Owens added. For him, “that’s it.” Area Two investigators have been interrogating possible witnesses.

The police concluded that it was likely a targeted attack. As of yet, nobody has been taken into custody.

Source: CBS Chicago

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