District of Columbia witnessed More than a dozen juvenile homicides in 2022

The Metropolitan Police Department reported on November 6 that 16 children had been fatally shot in the District of Columbia this year. One of the kids was Makai Green, who was 15 at the time. On the 700 block of N St. NW, close to the Washington Convention Center, Green passed away.

Furthermore, he was one of five teenagers shot in different parts of the city since Friday. Andre Wright, assistant chief of patrol services, said, “It’s disturbing to see so many of our youth involved in these petty trends.”

“We throw everything we have at the problem and see what sticks. Even though firearm use is never acceptable, Mayor Muriel Bowser has seen “progress” from the beginning of the year to the end.

“I would focus on reducing Violent crimes,”-Muriel Bowser says

When asked on Monday what she would do differently to reduce crime in her third term if she were to be elected on Tuesday, Bowser said she would focus on reducing violent crime. I believe there have been many forums for public debate and that there will be many more in the future.

Expect me to say more about that as I seek an opportunity to have a citywide convening focused on the next four years, should we be blessed with a transition period. Bowser has already stated that she does not support the revised criminal code act that still needs a second vote from the city council.

It would make carjacking a separate crime, increase the right to a trial by jury, and more. I’m crossing my fingers that the council members will put in some time to refine it before casting their final vote. These worries are similar to those expressed by the U.S. Attorney erodes punishments and some forms of violent crime that worry me,” Bowser said.

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