Dakotah Earley Recovers Amazingly Seven Months After Vicious Attack

On Tuesday, thousands of Chicagoans were inspired by a culinary student who was shot three times in a May heist and left for dead.

After at least a dozen operations, Dakotah Earley took his first steps with a prosthetic limb.
“Great day. “Nicest day in a long time,” Emily’s mother commented.

Progressed After Awful Tragedy

Earley was strolling on a sidewalk at Webster and Wayne avenues when a suspect emerged from behind a building, brandished a pistol at him, and demanded his smartphone and password, according to prosecutors.

Earley was shot three times and had many operations, including an amputation of part of his leg and injuries to his abdomen.

In July, he got out of a Chicago hospital’s critical care unit and made another amazing recovery.

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“Cried. “Mom, what’s wrong?” “I have to tell him I’m pleased,” Dobbs added. “I expected this.” “It stunned me.”

She praises Illinois Masonic doctors, nurses, housekeepers, and Hangar Clinic employees.
“God has blessed us. Awesome! ” Dobbs exclaimed.

Tyshon Brownlee is accused of the assault and four other armed robberies on Chicago‘s North Side.

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