Cullman County Resident Warns of Jury Duty Scam: Shares Personal Experience

Residents in Cullman County faced troubling calls from scammers pretending to be the sheriff’s office.

Stephen got one right after Christmas. They said he might be arrested for missing jury duty.

Scary Tactics Used:

The caller knew a lot about Stephen and scared him by saying he could be arrested.

They asked for money, starting with $50, but then said it could jump to $4500 if he didn’t pay immediately.

Finding the Red Flags:

Stephen felt something fishy. He wanted to check by visiting or calling back, but the caller insisted he stay on the line.

So, he contacted the real sheriff’s office and learned it was all a scam. Many others also reported similar calls.

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Alert for Everyone:

These scams aren’t just happening in Cullman County. Many police departments in central Alabama are hearing about these tricky calls.

Remember, genuine law officers won’t demand money over the phone. It’s crucial for everyone to stay cautious and not fall for these deceitful tactics.

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