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Crime Stoppers in Houston Take Part in Conference to Bring Attention to Rising Rental Rate

On “Twosday” at 2:22 a.m. on 2-22-22, Annalise Carrion and Presley Vaclavik were welcomed into the world at two Houston hospitals.

The birth of Annalise took place at HCA Healthcare in Tomball after mom had labored for two days, Khou reported.

She isppop pounds, 12 ounces and 20 inches long. Oh, and Annalise already has two teeth, according to mom Joseline Martinez.

“What’s even more crazy was I was born with two teeth. She was also born with the same two teeth,” Joseline said to us.

This is Abed Carrion’s first child and he is very proud of him.

“22 is her blessed number.”

Presley was birth at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas.

The adorable baby girl was also in labor for two days before she was delivered.

“Dr. Lash was like, ‘We have one more push, one more minute. What would you like to do?’ I said, ‘We’re already here, so let’s do it at 2:22.’ That’s how it happened,” Haley stated.

In addition to weighing seven pounds and seven ounces, Presley is 20 inches tall.

It’s a great day for Presley and Haley, and daddy Justin is beaming with pride.

“Obviously the emotions are out there. It’s all just the best blessing I could ever imagine,” Haley said.

“I won’t ever forget that birthday. It’ll be hard to mess that up,” Justin said.

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It is the couple’s first child.

The date 2-22-22 is unusual both for being a palindrome — a date that appears the same both forwards and backwards — and for being an ambigram, which appears the same upside down.

According to numerology, 222 is also considered an “angel number.” Some believe it represents hope, rebirth, and new beginnings and is a message from angels.

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