Crime Near Advocate Christ Medical Center – Car Club Member Accused of Fatally Shooting another Member

A court in Cook County, Illinois, denied bail to a 36-year-old man on Sunday afternoon for allegedly killing another member of the same automobile club outside a suburban hospital where a third member of the group had been transported after being wounded in an unrelated incident.

Rockford resident Brandon McGee, 28, was shot and killed, and Marques Rose, of the 8100 block of South Winchester Avenue, has been charged with first-degree murder. According to the Oak Lawn police department, Rose was taken into custody shortly after the fatal shooting outside Advocate Christ Medical Center early Saturday morning.

Prosecutors told the judge in a bond hearing that he reportedly dumped a loaded.38-caliber handgun under a parked car and then tested positive for gunshot residue. Following a double homicide in Auburn Gresham, a group gathered outside the hospital’s emergency room entrance around 2 a.m.

Saturday, where one of them was shot. The identity of the homicide victim transported to Christ Medical Center remains unknown. When one of their own was shot near the 800 block of West 87th Street in Auburn Gresham, Rose and McGee, according to prosecutors, were among a large number of club members who fled to the south suburban emergency room.

Rose is at risk of receiving a natural life sentence if found guilty

There was a fight between the two guys on the 95th Street West side of the hospital, and Rose is accused of pushing the victim, McGee. Leonore Carlson, an assistant state’s attorney, testified that the victim punched Rose, sending him to the floor. She also said that Rose made a death threat to the victim before the two guys fled the scene.

Minutes later, Rose allegedly returned to the scene, hiding between parked cars with a revolver, and shot McGee in the head, according to Carlson’s account. Prosecutors said that at least three eyewitnesses and video evidence support their claim that Rose was the shooter.

Prosecutors claim Rose has five felony convictions, including firearms and aggravated violence charges against a police officer. Judge Barbara Lynette Dawkins granted Rose’s request to keep him without bail, citing that the struggle between Rose and the victim had ceased long before the shooting.


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