Court Officially Vacates Murder Conviction of a Chicago Man After He Spends Nearly 25 Years in Prison

On Tuesday, a Cook County judge officially reversed the 1995 murder conviction of Edwin Davila, making it the 35th case tied to infamous ex-CPD detective Reynaldo Guevara to be overturned. Davila remarked outside the courthouse, “I have conflicting emotions because I’m delighted to be free, but it’s taken so long.”

Can a ‘late justice’ be a ‘real justice’?

According to Russell Ainsworth, Edwin Davila’s attorney, “the baseless claims against Edwin Davila have been vacated.” While the charges may have been dropped, the emotional scars from an unjust conviction linger.

Davila had been imprisoned for twenty-four and a half years until he finally received justice and was released two years ago. He missed out on his son’s entire first year, including when he was born.

“Growing up without my father figure, growing up without that and finally having her and leaving it behind, not truly behind us, will always be with us, but this is a major step,” Edwin Davila, Jr. said.

Davila is leading his life with a positive attitude

I’ve been saying I’m innocent since day one, and no one’s paid any attention to me until today, Davila said. Davila, who is now a grandfather, is eager to have his rap sheet erased to apply for housing and a job. Others who had been acquitted of charges related to Guevara applauded him as he left the courtroom.

Davila mentioned reading about past exonerees in prison. Also, he wants to relay a message to the people still waiting for justice. Constantly refusing to give up is the minus. We will never give up! Only one thing: “I kept going,” he remarked.

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