Could a Shutdown of Government Affect December Social Security Checks?

Government services that aren’t essential will cease if the government shuts down today.

Congress has failed to pass spending bills on time in the past, which has resulted in government shutdowns.

After it was passed by both the House and Senate in Oct., President Biden signed a measure called a stopgap funding bill to avoid a government shutdown.

How will Social Security and SSI be Affected If the Government Shuts Down?

In the event of a government shutdown, Americans will not lose their social security payments.

The Social Security or SSI payments will continue as normal for anyone collecting these benefits.

Programs like Social Security require mandatory expenditures.

This program does not rely on annual spending bills.

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As long as policymakers don’t change how mandatory programs function, Social Security payment, and SSI will continue to exist as they are.

On another scale, in the event of a government shutdown, there could be a delay in Social Security card issuance.

The average number of Americans who apply for a Social Security card is 60,000 per day.

Some people might encounter this issue because they need a Social Security card to work, open a bank account, or obtain loans.

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