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Coronavirus Cases Increase In North Texas School Districts! Read In Detail

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that the number of COVID-19 cases in North Texas school districts has risen since April.

Although it is not clear how the virus spreads, health officials recommend following guidelines laid out by the Health and Education departments.

These include increased handwashing in schools, avoiding contact with the infected, and staying home if you have flu symptoms or fever lasting more than three days.

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Authorities are recommending that students avoid close contact with those who are sick at this time to prevent the further spread of the virus.

“We’re hoping to catch this fever early; we don’t want it to spread. We’re taking precautions,” said Dr Rick Phillips, Texas Department of State Health Services.

While there is no specific treatment for the flu virus, the CDC says that cold medicine can help relieve symptoms and get patients back to work faster. “Flu drugs should be taken soon after symptoms start or before the next day when symptoms reappear,” according to the CDC.

The CDC also stated that because it is difficult to know how many people are infected with the virus, we should anticipate a massive surge in cases over the next few weeks.

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With most North Texas school areas back in classrooms for in-person guidance, there is a higher awareness of Coronavirus cases in schools.

School areas over North Texas are expecting or “strongly hopeful” the use of face masks and giving online options for learners helpless to be vaccinated yet in Pre-K during the sixth degree.

COVID-19 Cases Counts In North Texas School Districts

Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD

Staff = 13, Students = 12

Dallas ISD

Campus Staff = 174; Central Staff = 50; Students = 56

Duncanville ISD

Staff = 15; Students = 101

Garland ISD

Staff = 82; Students = 479

Grand Prairie ISD

Staff = 54; Students = 18

Irving ISD

Staff and Students = 7

Mesquite ISD

Staff = 17; Students  = 0

Richardson ISD

Staff = 49; Students = 50

Final Words

It is all about COVID-19 updates in North Taxes school districts. Please keep checking our website The East County Gazette for more news and the latest information like this!

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