Colorado Barn Fire Kills 11 Horses

A fire broke out at a horse stable in Colorado during the night. It’s really sad because at least 11 horses died. This happened at a barn in Franktown, Douglas County.

The barn is near Russellville Road and North State Highway 83. At first, officials said 10 horses didn’t make it, but later they found out another horse also died.

This barn could hold up to 16 horses, but now a lot fewer are left. We won’t know for sure how many horses were there or how many didn’t make it until the fire is completely gone.

Barn fire kills several horses in Douglas County:

The fire chief, David Woodrick, explained that barns like this with dry straw and wood can catch fire really fast. From up high, they could see a huge 30-foot fire because of this fire.

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The firefighters worked really hard. They used a lot of water, around 54,000 gallons, to try and stop the fire. There aren’t any fire hydrants in that area, so they had to focus on keeping the fire from spreading to other buildings or the nearby forest.

Someone who takes care of the horses and lives there got really sick from breathing in smoke and had to go to the hospital. They tried to save more horses, but sadly, only four could be rescued.

The fire started around 4 in the morning and burned down the whole barn. Right now, no one knows why it happened. People are trying to find out.

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