Heroic Act: College Students Save 2 Dogs from Montgomery Co. House Fire

Two college students came to the rescue of two dogs that got stuck inside a house that was on fire on Thursday afternoon in Montgomery County, Maryland.

At approximately 2:30 in the afternoon, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue went to the 16700 block of Alexander Manor Drive to put out the fire that had broken out there.

The authorities have stated that the fire occurred within the garage, and they assume that the act of charging lithium-ion batteries was the cause of the spark.

Two dogs were rescued by two college students from a house fire Thursday afternoon in Montgomery County, Maryland:

According to Pete Piringer, a spokesman for the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Department, “something is wrong” if the batteries are making noise, if they smell strange, or if they produce an extremely high temperature when touched.

“It was completely dark, couldn’t breathe and then by the time we got out, I actually started seeing the fire,” Matt Dymowski told NBC 4 Washington. “Thankfully, we got out so fast.”

However, neither Tom Kennedy, the homeowner, nor his sister were injured in the incident.

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I cannot express how relieved I am that they are safe. Katie Young, a neighbor, reported to NBC 4 Washington that “I just am so happy that they are safe. It’s an unfortunate time anytime, but right before Christmas is very sad,”

It is projected that the repairs caused by the house fire will cost approximately $500,000, according to the officials.

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