Cobra Kai Actor Albert Omstead’s Sudden Demise Left Fans Shocked

Untimely Death On Cobra Kai Set Albert Omstead

On New Year’s Eve, the fourth season of Cobra Kai, the KARATE television series released on Netflix.

Ralph Macchio and several other cast members returned for the show’s fourth season on December 31, 2021.

On the Ralph Macchio-starring Cobra Kai series, Albert Omstead works in production. He died unexpectedly when a retaining wall fell on top of him and trapped him, causing Omstead to succumb to his injuries.

On Cobra Kai, who is Albert Omstead?

Viewers will notice Albert Omstead’s name appear several times during the end credits.

Omstead did not appear as an actor on the set of Cobra Kai; instead, he worked in the show’s Camera and Electrical Departments.

He died on July 19, 2021, from a freak accident in his home.

Omstead’s family set up a GoFundMe page in his honor after his death in July.

What did Albert Omstead’s family have to say about his passing?

Albert Omstead’s death was unexpected, according to his family members.

On July 19, 2021, while standing near a retaining wall in his own home, Omstead was killed when the wall collapsed on him.

“Instantly, the entire thing just collapsed on top of him,” his brother-in-law, Scott Wachtel, told news outlet 11 Alive.

“The garage door was closed, and a van parked right here (in front of the garage). So he couldn’t run this way (towards the He couldn’t run away from the garage because the rest of the wall over here was collapsing,” he explained.

Albert Omstead, did you have any children?

Albert Omstead had one biological child and four stepchildren.

Olmstead’s brother-in-law added, “He supported their needs and put them first, whether emotionally, financially, or everything.”

“Had he gone out there five minutes earlier or five minutes later? Our world would be very different,” Wachtel continued.

In memory of Albert Omstead, Cobra Kai dedicated the seventh episode of their fourth season to him.

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