Chopstick Recycling Company Opens in Las Vegas

A company that recycles chopsticks into furniture and home goods has announced the opening of a factory in Las Vegas.

In the United States, ChopValue will launch its first franchise at its new location in Las Vegas, according to a news release. According to the group, micro factories are already operational in Canada, Mexico, Europe, and Asia.

According to the press release, ChopValue transforms recycled chopsticks into furniture, kitchenware, and other special projects.

ChopValue claims that as part of the procedure, it will gather chopsticks from numerous Asian eateries, hotels, and casinos in the area. The business claims that franchise owner Brooks Smith has already partnered with more than 100 Asian and Fusion eateries in Las Vegas to implement a recycling program that will gather more than 5 million used chopsticks.


Brooks Smith, the owner of ChopValue Las Vegas, said, “Growing up in Las Vegas, I have witnessed the city grow and evolve as a pioneer in sustainability, and I want to be a part of that path.” Coming from a restaurant-related family, incorporating concepts from the food and beverage industry, and embracing the circular economy movement in my city.

ChopValue, which was formed in 2016, claims to have given over 83 million chopsticks a second chance.

The company claims that after being collected, the used chopsticks “undergo the unique ChopValue process” and are subsequently refurbished.”

According to the business, the public may expect the ChopValue retail hub and showroom to debut in the spring of 2023.


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