Chinese Authorises its Citizens To Buy And Stockpile Lots Of Food

Chinese families had earlier increased are their purchase of daily necessities such as food, which had further triggered a panic buying frenzy.

Currently, while urging families to stock up on only a certain amount, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce further informed its citizens to stock up enough food for every family member.

A request for price stabilization has been made by the Ministry.

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Several factors, including recent extreme weather, supply chain issues, and the continuing COVID-19 outbreak, have driven up the price of vegetables among others.

It has been argued that the non-stop food purchase frenzy stems from tensions between China and Taiwan.

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce’s website didn’t give any solid reasons behind the comment, but it might be related to the upcoming holiday season, some believed.

Some say it is due to the COVID outbreak and just to ensure people have enough food and water in the event of a lockdown.

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