China’s New Covid Outbreak, Driven By Delta, May Worsen: Said Officials

China’s new Covid outbreak appears to be driven by differences in how the virus is transmitted. The new outbreak affects people familiar with the virus, with many travelers arriving from several different countries. 

The infection rate in China appears to be high because Beijing has reported 11 infections per 100 million people, compared with Hong Kong and Singapore.

At the briefing, the commission identified Pyeongchang County in Gangwon Province as a site for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics but hasn’t identified any other Olympic sites.

The delta variant creates the current disorder in China from abroad; Wu Liangyou, an executive at the National Health Commission, announced guidance in Beijing Sunday.

Seoul said on Oct. 4 that five people were infected with the virus and that it has no evidence that there is any virus transmission at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic site.

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China New COVID-19 Infections Cases

China is working to contain the outbreak with measures designed to isolate the sick, quarantine contacts, and vaccinate the population. The increase of delta variant in the country “is related to cross-border activities, and we are taking preventive and preemptive measures,” he said.

He described the virus as a high-risk disease that can be fatal, with symptoms similar to severe flu such as fever, cough, and diarrhea.

Pang said that more than 1,700 people in China had been infected with the virus since it appeared in February 2017 in southern China. An epidemic in Hong Kong that started in 2015 claimed 79 lives and sickened more than 700 people.

The capital raised its “micro-crisis” alert to the provincial level on Friday, according to a notice on the Beijing health authority’s website. According to the commission, the city first raised the alert to “micro-crisis level-II” on Oct. 11, and it will remain at that level for another month.

According to a notice on the Beijing health authority’s website, Beijing issued a red alert Friday for increased virus surveillance and prevention measures due to the new wave of infections. 

According to a local government statement, in Ejina county in Inner Mongolia, where there have been four cases, all persons and passengers will be required to wash their hands and take other hygiene precautions when entering and leaving the county.

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11 countries and regions have been affected by the latest wave of infections. China announced 26 new local valid Covid-19 viruses on Saturday. Different four local asymptomatic problems were listed in Hunan and Yunnan.

Last week, the government increased other infection constraints for another month because cases also grew, with more than 84% of the people fully vaccinated.

Beijing will drop a marathon initially listed for Oct. 31 due to the Beijing Daily-related disease. The newspaper stated that people in cities where viruses have been observed are banned from visiting or reverting to the city at present.

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