Child Names Banned In The U.S. And Colorado

Having a baby is a very important decision for couples, but once that decision is made, there’s another one lurking and equally as important: naming the child.

It can be overwhelming to choose from so many names. A wife and husband can make a list of their top 10 or 15 choices for their son’s name, then whittle them down until they reach their final choice.

It’s not just about whether you like a name, but you have to think about what it will mean to the child. Choosing a name for a baby requires a lot of consideration, and parents or children should hope not to feel bad over the choice as time goes by.

We won’t get into naming very deeply now. But, we will explore a few of the top baby names in Colorado you should never name your baby. The task of naming a child can be overwhelming, so take note of these few names which you should absolutely drop from your list, according to

1. Santa Claus

Santa is our favorite but we can’t name our children Santa or Santa Claus according to the state of Colorado’s official rules.

2. Jesus Christ

The United States does not allow you to name your child Jesus Christ, no matter how devout you are.

3. @

And yes… the symbol @ must be out of your naming list completely. Similarly, you should not add any symbols to the name of your child, according to power1029.

4. Adolf Hitler

There should be no argument about this. It is also absolutely forbidden to name your child after Adolf Hitler. It is perceived as offensive. Several countries such as Germany, Malaysia, Mexico, and New Zealand have forbidden future children from being named after the genocidal German dictator.

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