CHICAGO: Youth Football Team Requests Money For A Trip To The National Championship Following A Tragedy

CHICAGO (AP) — Tim Hall believes he coaches in one of Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods.

Hall claims that his football team even goes through shooter drills.

“I doubt most teams are in East Garfield Park,” Hall said.

Some of the young players who referred to Hall as “Coach” died due to gun violence over the years.

“This has been a bad year.” “Two former players and one high school player are murdered,” Hall said.

Another tragedy struck the Garfield Gators family a few months ago.

“It’s complicated for me to deal with this because my mom is my best friend,” Aiden said of his mother, Aiesha Lewis. Who shot and killed in West Rogers Park in September. “I have to deal with the fact that she isn’t coming back, and I have a younger brother to look after.”

The young football player claims he gets bullies at school ever since the fatal shooting.

“She’s gone now. No one understands what I mean when I say I’m hurt,” Aiden explains.
Coach Hall is trying to motivate his team by taking them on a once-in-a-lifetime trip.
“We’re raising money to get our football team to Florida for the national championships in 2022,” Hall explained.

“I consider myself an honorary all-star.” These people behind me are also all-stars. “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to travel to Florida and have fun,” Aiden added.

Coach Hall said they have a few surprises planned for arriving in Florida, including a trip to an amusement park and a meeting with their namesake.

“We are the Gators. I always bring them to the alligator farm to see the alligators. “Let them hold them, play with them, pet them, and show them you’re a real gator,” Hall advised.

The all-star trip is schedule for December 2. The cost of transporting 40 children to Florida, plus some adults to chaperone, would be around $30,000.

The team has set up a fundraiser to reach the goal, but Hall says that even if they don’t, they’ll find a way to board the plane.

“We’re still on our way somewhere.” “God will find a way for us to get there,” Hall predicted.

“I have my mother watching over me and my younger brother,” Aiden added. “Gators, go!”

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