Chicago Man Tried To Kill 2 People In Iowa: Cut Off Electronic Monitoring Band

A Facebook Live video showing Tavon Baylock playing with guns in a car and threatening to shoot a Chicago police officer who came up next to him in traffic caused him to go viral in 2019. In the end, he was given a four-year sentence.

Shortly after the case was over, prosecutors accused him of using a weapon while a felon was in the act of obstructing justice, and the judge ordered that he be placed on electronic monitoring. According to the prosecution, Baylock disconnected his ankle monitor on March 9 and vanished.

After getting a notification from his monitoring band, sheriff’s deputies went to his house and were greeted there by his brother. Baylock asked him to provide it to the police, so he gave them his severed ankle strap, according to assistant state’s attorney Danny Hanichak.

The 23-year-old is currently accused of attempted murder after allegedly opening fire on two men outside a daycare center in June, and investigators believe they know where he spent some of his time while on the run: in Iowa.

A video of Baylock started trending on social media in late January 2019. Hanichak said that the video showed him live-streaming on Facebook while riding in the backseat of a car at 95th and Halsted streets. A Chicago police squad car drew up next to Baylock while he was pointing two firearms and another gun nearby.

Hanichak claimed that Baylock urged his driver to chase the police officer after declaring on Facebook that he would kill the officer. A little while afterwards, the video transmission came to a stop.

According to Hanichak, when investigators contacted Baylock, he immediately live-streamed additional threats to kill Chicago police officers.

Baylock eventually received a four-year sentence after serving eight months in the past for a felony youth gun conviction. In March, Baylock disconnected his ankle monitor, and then he seemed to vanish. Now, according to federal and Iowan authorities, he visited Dubuque occasionally.

The Iowa town, which is located on the Mississippi River west of Rockford, had a convenience shop when Baylock arrived there on the evening of June 23. He exited and talked to a man. According to the authorities, after their separation, Baylock went to a house and changed his clothes.

After talking to the individual in the parking lot for about twenty minutes, Baylock drove to another place where the man was in a car with another person. The man allegedly ducked and depressed the accelerator of his car, which Baylock is accused of shooting when he got out of his automobile, causing it to crash into Romper Stompers Childcare Center.

Authorities in Iowa issued a warrant for Baylock’s arrest in July on allegations of attempted murder, use of a dangerous weapon for intimidation, careless handling of a handgun, and other offenses.

The car Baylock is accused of driving is reportedly registered to a woman in Calumet City, according to the investigators. A task group of US Marshals surrounded her house.

The task team observed Baylock leave the woman’s home on Monday and leave in a vehicle. Hanichak claimed that the driver rushed away from the police, blew through more than 25 stop signs, ran over a sheriff’s police squad car, and kept going until the vehicle became unusable.

He was detained by police when they allegedly discovered a loaded weapon under the driver’s seat.Baylock was detained without bail on Tuesday by Judge Kelly McCarthy because he had broken the terms of his bond in the ongoing firearms prosecution. The new gun charge’s bail was set at $500,000.

On Wednesday, Baylock returned to court to answer for the Iowa warrant and a fresh allegation of eluding capture. In the escape case, Judge Maryam Ahamad set bail at $600,000. She also detained him on the Iowa warrant without posting bail. According to his public defense, he already has one child and is expecting another.


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