Chicago: ‘It Shocked Me’ Human Remains Discovered In Neighborhood Garbage Three Times In The Last Week

Chicago reports There are new details about a disturbing series of discoveries in the same Chicago neighborhood.

Human body parts are discovered in Austin considerably in the last week. Marybel Gonzalez is the latest on the investigation.

Some of this story may be upsetting to you. Officers were investigating the other two incidents on Sunday when they discovered two human arms inside a dumpster about a mile from a police station.

“We have our violence, but that’s crazy; body parts,” said Vermont Porter, an Austin resident. Three grisly discoveries of human remains in his neighborhood have shocked him and other Austin residents.

Cornelius Clay works on a building near Washington and Lamon, just across the street from where police found the first body parts in a trash can along an alley last Wednesday.

“I was like ‘wow,’ because I’m always in the alley making sure the alley is clean, and the area around the building is clean, so it shocked me,” Clay said, adding that he also recorded detectives searching the scene.

“They were looking up and down the alley in other garbage cans to make sure there weren’t any other body parts around,” Clay explained.

They would discover more three days later.

This time, in the trash can on the 100 block of North Leclaire Avenue. Again on Sunday on the 5000 block of West Washington: Two human arms discovers inside a dumpster in an alley.

“It’s heartbreaking. What would cause someone to cut someone up like that? “Clay perplexed.

The body parts are deliver to the medical examiner’s office for examination. Police are conducting death investigations in these cases but have not determined whether the remains belong to the same person or whether the incidents are related.


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