Chicago guy shot to death was a postal worker and an aspiring actor: ‘They’re all in disbelief’

An actor in his early career stages was one of the most recent victims of gun violence in Chicago.

Sadly, he was one of two individuals slain in a drive-by shooting in the Austin area on Friday night. Shardaa Gray, of CBS 2 interviewed the victim’s father.

It’s tough, Herman Lofton said. Lofton, whose son Xavier was shot and murdered on Friday night, is attempting to come to terms with the reality of the situation through his tears and pain.

“I never in a million years thought I’d get a call concerning any of my kids, especially him,” the older Lofton added.

Lofton stated that his kid worked for the post office and was also an aspiring actor who had recently earned roles in two independent films.

According to the Chicago Police Department, on Friday night, as Lofton and a 29-year-old lady were traveling south on Cicero Avenue, a beige SUV pulled beside them and began shooting rounds.

Lofton took bullet wounds to the face, thigh, and underarm. After being rushed to Mt. Sinai Medical Center, he tragically passed away there.

The police immediately contacted his parents. “They asked for the name, and I provided it; they inquired about his birthday, and I offered it, too.

They were overly insistent on meeting me, and I just knew then that something was off.”What Lofton had to say.nOut of his five siblings, Lofton is the eldest.

“They can’t believe anything like this occurred to him, and they can’t accept that it happened,” he said. Xavier, his firstborn, was the center of his universe.

God rest his soul; I’m going to miss him so much. Both Lofton and the woman in the car with him were shot; she is currently in critical condition.

A third victim was a male passenger in another automobile who was also shot and killed.

Source: CBS News

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