Chicago Car Theft: Surveillance Footage Shows The Robber Drags The Woman As He Steals The Car On The West Loop

In an effort to catch the auto thief and bring him in, Chicago police published CCTV footage of brutal car theft. 

Although the incident occurred during the Labor Day weekend in the West Loop near Aberdeen and Van Buren, the footage was only made public on Wednesday.

After being stolen by carjackers at a petrol station in the West Loop last month, a dog’s owner in Chicago is appealing for the safe return of the cherished pet. 

On Wednesday, the victim spoke with Jermont Terry of CBS 2. 

At 5:13 p.m. Lilliana Palacios stopped at the Shell petrol station on Saturday, September 3 to get some packages that had been left at an Amazon Hub on the northeast corner of Van Buren Street and Racine Avenue. 

While removing the keys, Palacios left the SUV’s doors open with her pet inside. She was left devastated and bruised by what transpired next. 

On surveillance footage, a man wearing a yellow jacket can be seen casually approaching and hopping into the driver’s seat of Palacios’ Jeep. Palacios encountered the stranger as she unlocked the SUV’s door. 

“What are you doing in my car?” I asked. “Get out of my vehicle,” said Palacios. “Give me the key,” he demanded. The key, please. ” 

The thief asked Palacios for the keys and started beating her when she wouldn’t give them up.

According to Palacios, after he pulled me, my key was in my pocket, so when I collapsed, he came to me and started kicking me. Then my key slipped out of my pocket. 

Due to the presence of her adorable Bella, a 4-month-old shih tzu dog, in the back seat, Palacios was adamant that she keep the keys. 

Palacios stated, “I was thinking about Bella, so I chose to fight with him.” 

Palacios remembers making eye contact with a woman at the Shell station parking lot who was watching as the man accosted her and demanded her keys. 

“I started requesting assistance. Help for what, she questioned, “stated Palacios. “I realise nobody wants to get involved, but that’s why things are occurring in Chicago right now—nobody cares about others,” the speaker said. 

Palacios was hanging from the Jeep as the robber pulled her along. A few blocks away, he ejected her. 

Palacios has bruises and a broken finger.  But naturally, he damaged my back, she remarked. 

Bella hasn’t been seen since then. Palacios hopes that whoever is in possession of Bella will consider the hole in her heart. 

“Bella is my daughter, so please bring her back,” Palacios said. “Put your hand in your heart and bring her back.”

She had a message for the man who had stolen Palacios’ Jeep, beaten her, and caused her anguish. 

“Change your life”, she urged.” Improve your life.” 

The 30-year-old woman who has lived in Chicago for 30 years now has less faith in her community because of what happened. 

What am I doing here? I ask now. stated Palacios. “This is not the kind of life I want.” 

The petrol station where Palacios was carjacked and attacked is situated in a busy neighborhood close to the Credit Union 1 Arena and the Racine Avenue CTA Blue Line stop. It is also close to the Eisenhower Expressway. Next door on Van Buren Street is a bustling Target shop. 

A few days after the carjacking, police discovered Palacios’ Jeep. But Bella is still untraceable. 

Palacios said she gave police permission to release the surveillance video of the attack in the hopes that Bella would come back home and the attacker would be caught.

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