Chicago AGU Conference Bans Climate Activist-Scientists

Thursday, two climate scientists were kicked out of the largest Earth and space research conference in the world.

NASA climate scientist Peter Kalmus and ecologist Rose Abramoff told Insider they acted on their own when they stepped onstage during a plenary session at the autumn conference of the American Geophysical Union, a 60,000-member organisation in Earth and space sciences.

At the meeting, scientists shared their latest research on how people are changing the world, which is causing extreme weather and the collapse of ecosystems.

Abramoff and Kalmus’ research shows these calamities, and they’ve been detained many times this year for climate demonstrations.

Urged Scientists to Act on Discoveries

“If the individuals who know the most about Earth disintegration are still behaving like everything’s OK, then of course everyone else will,” Kalmus told Insider.

Climate Activist-Scientists Ejected From AGU Conference in Chicago

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Kalmus and Abramoff unfurled a banner that read “out of the lab and into the streets” and urged their colleagues to take climate action onstage.

Insider was told that they had planned a 20-second speech to do this in the short time between the opening remarks and the first speaker.

They didn’t realise they’d be competing with an automated voiceover.


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