Cass County Sheriff’s Office Arrests Two in Drug Investigation

The Cass County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant in Belton on Thursday resulting in the apprehension of two individuals as part of an ongoing probe into drug trafficking activities.

The warrant, initiated based on suspicions of drug-related offenses, culminated in the arrests, marking a significant development in the investigation.

Two people were arrested Thursday in Belton after the Cass County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant involving drug trafficking:

Seizure of Firearms and Narcotics

During the search, deputies seized four firearms alongside a substantial quantity of narcotics, drug paraphernalia, and undisclosed amounts of cash.

The findings underscored the seriousness of the alleged drug trafficking operations under investigation by the Sheriff’s Office.

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Both arrested individuals have been confined at the Cass County jail. While formal charges are yet to be filed, pending further investigation and legal procedures, the Sheriff’s Office remains committed to pursuing the case diligently.

This operation signifies a proactive measure by law enforcement to curb illicit drug activities, underscoring the ongoing efforts to ensure community safety within Cass County.

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