Capitol Police Arrest a 49-Year-Old Male After a Bomb Threat Near Library of Congress

Thursday morning Capitol Police closed off Multiple streets, evacuated Government Buildings as a 49-year-old North Carolina resident Floyd Ray Roseberry claimed to have a bomb with him near the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

After driving a pickup truck onto a sidewalk, the suspect Roseberry stayed in his truck for hours until he surrendered to the police on Thursday afternoon.

morning due to what Capitol Police called “an active bomb threat investigation” after

By Thursday evening, police finished searching the truck & ending up not finding any explosives, reported Capitol Police Chief J. Thomas Manger.

Manger further added he had been sitting in his truck for hours, claiming to have explosives in it. As soon as the police arrived at the scene, they notice some kind of detonator in his hand.

However, just like the fake bomb threat, the detonator too turned out to be a fake one.

From morning to afternoon, Authorities were continuously trying to negotiate with Roseberry using messages on a whiteboard.

Not just that, police tried giving him a phone, but he denied it every time.

Here’s a snapshot of North Carolina resident Floyd Ray Roseberry:

After taking Roseberry into their custody, police ran a criminal check on him but ended up finding nothing serious.

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At the moment, authorities are also looking into a video posted by Roseberry before making the false bomb threat near the Library of Congress.

When Roseberry threatened to blow up the bomb, Police were quick to evacuate a congressional office building, Cannon House Office Building via secret underground routes.

Ever since the evacuation has been completed, the Supreme Court and Congress are on recess.

Near Library of Congress
Near Library of Congress

Messages were sent to congressional staffers asking that they “remain calm and relocate to Longworth House Office Building using the underground tunnels.”

Once the threat was neutralized, D.C.’s Metropolitan Police Department cleared the truck, and road closures were lifted for everyone.

Here’s a short clip of Roseberry on Facebook before threatening a bomb attack near the US Capitol:

In this video, you can see him expressing hostility towards American President Joe Biden. He also laid out his view of the current US Position on health care, military & Afghanistan.

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