California’s New Bacon Law Threatens Grocery Store Supply of Pork, Hog Farmers Retaliate

Grocery stores and restaurants are revolting against a farm animal welfare law, also known as the bacon law.

Once the new rules go into effect on January 1st, bacon and other fresh pork products could no longer be available.

In response to a lawsuit filed by a coalition of California food sellers and restaurants, it’s important to remember that voters joyfully approved the rules after a three-year process, Yahoo reported.

The New Year’s Bacon law: All You Need to Know

In terms of how it was approved, California voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 12 by a 2-to-1 margin in November 2018, which is related to animal welfare and the treatment of meat-producing animals.

A coalition of business owners is now seeking a two-year delay or more to comply with the new law, as that many hog producers have yet to comply with it.

“We’re saying this is not going to work,” Nate Rose, California Grocers Association spokesman, said.

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In What Sense Does this Law Apply?

To rephrase what the law itself says, it states that breeding pigs, chickens that lay eggs, and calves should have enough space to move and stand.

Many vegan organizations have been speaking out against these conditions (and more) for years, and this law has a lot to do with the conditions under which the animals are raised prior to slaughter.

The new law appears to have already been followed by producers of eggs and veal, but hog producers argue the order will be too expensive to implement until the state authorizes its final regulations are approved.

Approximately 255 million pounds of pork are consumed each month by California’s restaurants and grocery stores from producers in the state with major hog populations, such as Iowa.

It remains unclear whether states that consume 13% of the nation’s pork supply will have enough to meet their needs in the coming months due to the possibility of a severe supply shortage.

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