California Man Arrested for Fake Military Uniform Scheme to Steal Money

According to police, an Oroville, California man was detained after reportedly operating a scam in which he wore a fake military uniform and used a decades-old photo of his crippled kid to defraud people.

According to the Redding Police Department, Bernard Curtis, 72, reportedly disguised himself in a military uniform to defraud unsuspecting persons and companies.

Police Foil a Suspect’s Attempted Getaway

According to the Redding Police Department, Neighborhood Police Unit (NPU) officers responded to complaints at around 12:30 p.m. on Feb. 13 that a man dressed in a military uniform took $5,000 in jewelry from a body piercing shop.

Curtis was apprehended by NPU officials while attempting to depart the scene in a silver Jaguar.

When officials apprehended Curtis, they discovered stolen products, a large number of US dollars, and stolen jewelry in his possession.

California Man Arrested for Fake Military Uniform Scheme to Steal Money (1)

Curtis’ Deceptive Scheme is Exposed

Further research exposed the magnitude of Curtis’ dishonesty.

Curtis allegedly approached businesses with an outdated photo of his crippled kid, begging employees to donate money to his son’s care.

Despite the fact that the photograph was more than two decades old, Curtis persuaded unsuspecting victims to hand up their money.

However, the suspect’s plan unraveled when vigilant cops, both Army and Navy veterans, noticed anomalies in Curtis’ outfit during the traffic stop.

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It was discovered that, while Curtis did serve in the Navy, he misrepresented his military service to facilitate his fraudulent activities.

Curtis is now facing charges of grand theft and misrepresentation of military service and uniforms with the purpose of defrauding for financial benefit.

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Authorities have also revealed Curtis’ admission to conducting similar plots in other counties throughout the Interstate 5 corridor.

The arrest serves as a sharp reminder of how far some people would go to deceive others, as well as the significance of remaining vigilant in order to avoid such fraud.

As the investigation continues, officials remain determined to ensure that justice is served and Curtis’ victims receive the compensation they deserve.

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