California Couple Died in Creek Likely Hit by Car

Last week, a California couple and their dog were discovered dead in a stream bed. Police interrogated the driver and believe a fast automobile struck them.

After receiving a complaint of a dead dog, San Luis Obispo police found Matthew Chachere, 39, and Jennifer Besser, 36, behind thick vegetation on Nov. 22.

A car crashed Tuesday after hitting a curb, a traffic sign, and a bridge abutment.

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A press release from the San Luis Obispo Police Department said, “The driver was not thought to be drunk. A traffic accident report was made, and the car was towed.”

Police suspect Chachere and Besser were walking their dog when the vehicle struck them before crashing on a tight curve. Officials suspected speed.

Police claimed the car’s 24-year-old San Luis Obispo driver cooperated with detectives.
“When the investigation is over, criminal charges will be made based on the evidence and conclusions,” the police said in a statement.

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