By the Numbers: Florida Counties with High Abortion Rates

In 2023, Florida’s Health Care Agency released its yearly report on abortions in the state. The report showed there were 72,087 abortions during the year.

Most of these, over 97%, were chosen by people for personal reasons, not because of health problems. Less than 0.6% were because of things like incest, rape, or danger to the mom’s life.

The report also talked about when these abortions happened during pregnancy. Around 65,000 were in the first few months, and about 6,500 were in the next stage.

Florida’s law doesn’t allow elective abortions after 15 weeks, but there’s a newer law, the “Heartbeat Protection Act,” waiting for the Supreme Court to decide if it can be used. It wants to stop abortions after six weeks.

The report also showed that some parts of Florida had more abortions than others. Places like Dade and Broward had the most, with 14,793 and 8,894 abortions.

Over 6,500 people went out of state for abortions. Other counties like Hillsborough, Orange, and Palm Beach also had high numbers, showing differences in abortion rates across Florida.

Florida Counties with High Abortion Rates
Florida Counties with High Abortion Rates

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Abortion numbers in Florida counties:

  • Dade:14,793
  • Broward: 8,894
  • Hillsborough: 6,018
  • Orange: 4,768
  • Palm Beach: 4,352
  • Duval: 3,591
  • Pinellas: 2,808
  • Polk: 2,085
  • Lee: 1,714
  • Volusia: 1,094
  • Brevard: 1,056
  • Pasco: 1,041
  • Seminole: 1,037
  • Osceola: 1,021
  • Leon: 976

Overall, the report tells us most abortions in Florida were chosen by people, not because of health problems. It also shows that abortion rates vary a lot across different parts of the state.

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