Building mall is a skill that’s ‘transferable’ to creating housing for homeless, says Rick Caruso

There is one week left in the contest for mayor of Los Angeles, and Karen Bass or Rick Caruso will have to deal with the largest challenge: solving homelessness.

Caruso declared, “The city doesn’t know how to manage a building project.” “You never want to put up with the government, and this is the problem Karen has. I’m going to raise this because she lacks the experience to know if the charges are large or low or whether it makes sense if you’re being taken advantage of. I believe we can reduce the cost in half; modular construction is another option.”

Tuesday, Caruso visited a prospective 103-unit homeless housing facility in North Hollywood that is managed by the nonprofit Penny Lane Centers. Caruso also spoke with a man who had been living on the streets and credited Penny Lane with helping him become sober and find housing.

Bass keeps bringing up the fact that the developer has never created affordable housing in the meanwhile. She asserted that he had invested more money in this race than in any of the others currently taking place around the nation. “This includes candidates for governor. People running for senator should pause for a moment and consider how many people $100 million might house.”

Bass has received contributions totaling $9.4 million, according to the most recent information provided to the Los Angeles Ethics Commission. Caruso is getting close to $100 million, $98 million of which is his own money.

According to the Bass campaign, 4,545 homeless Angelenos might have been housed with $100 million. Caruso has stated that he will be able to address all of Los Angeles’ issues if he is elected to a post. 

“What they’re creating out here is wonderful, it’s got all the wrap-around services, and it works,” said Caruso. “This is what, again, validates my stance that we can solve the homelessness problem and we can do it quickly.” “That expertise is extremely transportable. My business has been creating these fantastic places, like shopping centers.”

Bass has continued her work as a member of Congress between campaign appearances, appearing at Union Station alongside government representatives including U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Javier Becerra.

“I want to discuss substance addiction and mental health with him because those are the two main causes of homelessness, and we’re going to solve the issue of 40,000 homeless Angelenos. We must ensure that they have access to healthcare, “Bass said. “Healthcare includes dealing with mental illness and substance abuse.”

There are 5.6 million registered voters in the county, and 547,000 vote-by-mail ballots have been returned, according to the most recent early voting figures from the L.A. County Registrar’s office. Additionally, almost 10,000 people cast their votes in person.


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