Brothers Who Visited Donut Shop for Decades Killed in Crash After Getting Breakfast

In Los Angeles, two brothers in their 70s die. After a hit by a vehicle. As they crossed the street after having one final breakfast together.

Alfredo and Jose Linares, two brothers, identified by family members. Had just finished an early breakfast at Miss Donuts in Beverlywood on Wednesday. As part of their weekly ritual before heading to their landscaping job, according to KTLA.

According to the store’s owner, the brothers had stopped in for donuts that day. Who said they had been customers for almost 20 years.

The other brother was traveling with the two at the time of the collision. He was unharmed.
On Wednesday, a 2016 white Honda Civic was driving on Robertson Boulevard at around 5:45 a.m.  When it struck two people crossing the street. A Los Angeles Police Department spokesperson told PEOPLE.

The driver dialed 911 and assisted police, according to the spokesperson. KTLA reports that the brothers are The victim pronounce dead on the scene by the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Police say alcohol and drug use are not contributing factors in the crash. Which is currently being treat as an accident. Even though Investigations into the crash’s cause are ongoing.

Sergio Linares, their nephew, claimed that the two brothers, who were in their mid-70s, relied on one another.

According to Sergio, who spoke to KABC-TV, they cohabitate and take care of one another. They are not married and never have kids.


In addition, Sergio told that his father, who co-owns a landscaping business with his two brothers, is “one step away from being involve in that accident.”

He told KABC-TV that the pair “loved what they did” and “didn’t want to retire yet.” They ought to enjoy themselves. A GoFundMe page creates to fund funeral costs.

In a message posted to the page, Sergio stated, “Our family experienced a tragic loss.” Alfredo and Jose had good hearts and were always willing to assist anyone in need.

The message continued, “It’s a very trying time for our family right now as a significant part taken from us.

By Thursday morning, more than $7,000 is donate to GoFundMe.

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