Bread Lounge in Los Angeles’ Arts District: California Bakery Makes The Best Bread In The State

Nothing beats carbs, for the soul beats a hearty loaf of bread for satisfying carb cravings. Bread is a universal food that is served in a variety of ways. Restaurants frequently serve small amounts of bread with oils and kinds of vinegar as a starter.

At the same time, Bakeries sell whole-bread loaves you can take home. Bread, white, wheat, rye, pumpernickel, and everything in between, has stood the test of time. Whatever your preference, one bakery in California excels at it.

According to a Lovefood list, the Bread Lounge is the best bread in the entire state of Los Angeles. Among other customer favorites, Lovefood suggested trying the Jerusalem bagels.

Here’s what Lovefood had to say about California’s best bread:

“A small European-style bakery- The loaves at Bread Lounge in Los Angeles’ Arts District. They are so good that they sell out quickly, so get there early.” Potato and rosemary bread, Jerusalem bagels, and sourdough baguettes are also famous. As the whole wheat, multi-grain, and country loaves, ciabatta, brioche, and challah, all of which are leavened with natural yeast.”

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