Boston Police Officer Was Shot In Roxbury: The Suspect was Apprehended

Boston – The man accused of shooting at Boston police said he was the one being shot at. According to the police report, investigators did find a gun. They also performed a gunshot residue test on the suspect’s hands, but it might have been too late.

Accused of Firing on unarmed Boston Police

Alberto Polanco is accused of shooting out the back window of an unmarked Boston police car while an officer in plain clothes was inside.

A witness described the sound as “pow, pow.”

Residents were relieved that their children were not outside.

“The kids are sometimes right here,” the witness said.

The city’s shot spotter detected the gunfire shortly after 6 p.m. Sunday. The officer escaped unharmed and was able to radio in a description of the shooter. Prosecutors say they could identify the shooter as 20-year-old Alberto Polanco and track him down about a half-mile away. According to the police report, investigators tested Polanco for gunshot residue but believed he took a shower instead.

The prosecutor stated, “He was wet and appeared to have showered.”
From the apartment, police seized a Glock.22-cal pistol and ammunition. According to the district attorney’s office.

“This could have easily happened” serious situation.”tragic situation, with the officer or bystanders being hit by bullets fired so carelessly and dangerously on a Sunday evening.” Fortunately, that did not occur, but it serves as another reminder of how illegal guns and the people who use them endanger our neighborhoods,” DA Kevin Hayden said in a statement.

Polanco’s Attorney’s Statement

Off camera, Polanco’s attorney stated that his client had never met this officer and that he thought someone was shooting at him. “There are some issues with this case. My client says in the police report that he was the victim and “I was shot at,” the defense attorney explained.

Several witnesses appeared in court for Polanco but refused to comment on the case afterward. The police department was still waiting for a search warrant—Polanco’s Roxbury apartment, where the arrest was made. During the investigation, a black Glock handgun was seized, according to the police report.

Polanco’s attorney has requested the surveillance video and gunfire residue tests. Meanwhile, the suspect remains in custody without bail as the outcome of the investigation. It is heard again in court on Thursday.

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