Boston Orange Line Train: Police Claim, A 67-Year-Old Man Punched Younger Man Over Loud Music

Late Thursday afternoon, the MBTA Transit Police issued two assault charges. To the two Boston men after they allegedly fought on an airplane Orange Line train. Over loud music is being played.

The incident began, according to witnesses, when a 34-year-old Boston man, while traveling on an Orange Line train, began playing music out loud on his phone’s speakers because he claimed not to have headphones.

According to officials, a female passenger requested that the piece be turned down because she thought it was too loud.
The male refused the request of his fellow passenger.

A 67-year-old man from Boston confronted the reported loud music player and demanded he turn down the volume, according to police. According to officials, the music player allegedly responded with expletives and told the 67-year-old man to mind his business.

Dissatisfied with the music player’s response, the 67-year-old man punched the music player in the mouth, according to witnesses—the music player retaliated by hitting the 67-year-old in the head.

Other passengers eventually separated the two, according to transit police.
Once the train arrived at the MBTA’s Ruggles Station, transit police responded to the call of an alleged fight. Both men were eventually charged with assault.

According to officials, the 67-year-old was taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation.
Both parties are scheduled to appear in Roxbury District Court later.

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