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Rapper Biz Markie dies at 57!



Biz markie

Biz Markie, who instilled his symphony with so much leisure and humour that he came to be recognized as “The Clown Prince of Hip Hop,” has departed. His supervisor, Jenni Izumi confirmed the news that the 57-year-old rapper is no more.

“Biz built a heritage of artistry that will eternally be commemorated by his patronage counterparts and his favourite lovers whose lives he was able to stroke through melody, spanning over 35 years,” Izumi said in a written declaration.

Loved in the music business for his nonchalant persona, Biz Markie even had inscriptions quotations for him. Born Marcel Hall in New York City, he started up jabbing in regional parties when he encountered hip hop producer Marley Marlin in 1985.

That discussion was directed to Biz Markie serving as a compassionate beatboxer with artists like MC Shan and Roxanne Shanté. In his extra period, Hall taped demos and in 1988, he obtained a contract with the Cold Chillin’ brand to publish his debut album, “Goin’ Off.”

Radio shortly caught on and the album inaugurated smashes with “Vapors” and “MakeThee Music With Your Mouth, Biz.” The next year, his album “The Biz Never Sleeps” took off gold, buoyed by what would be his massive stroke, “Just A Friend.”

His cheerful,sad-sack persona was in explicit distinction to some of the harder core hip hop that had evolved to be well-known in the late 1980s. But Biz Markie would shortly discover a problem with a lawsuit that benefited from shifting the means the rap business did profession.

Composer Gilbert O’Sullivan indicted the rapper over his music “Alone Again” on his 1991 album “I Need a Haircut. “O’Sullivan accused that the rapper’s design of copies from O’Sullivan’s 1972 hit, “Alone Again (Naturally),” amounted to the ratified design of his song.

O’Sullivan gained a victory and walking ahead, hip hop artists had to alleviate the practice of specimens. “I however was myself,” Biz Markie said during a 2008 conference. “It wasn’t an assault lawsuit or a firearm trial. It was a sample.”

The rapper had so much happiness with the lawsuit, calling his 1993 album “All Samples Cleared!”

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Transgender woman wins Miss Nevada USA title!



Kataluna Enriquez

History was brought in for the LGBTQ population in Nevada over the week.

On Sunday, Kataluna Enriquez beat out 21 different competitors to earn the title of Miss Nevada USA. With the crown, Enriquez, 27, comes to be the first transgender woman to gain a victory in a tournament in the promenade’s record.

“Congratulations to our recent Miss Nevada USA @mskataluna 👑 History made!” Miss Nevada USA penned on their Instagram page alongside the picture of Enriquez in a rainbow gown with her new title and strap.

Before Sunday’s tournament, which was carried out at South Point Hotel Casino & Spa in Las Vegas, Enriquez gained a victory in the Miss Silver State USA promenade, according to her Insta.

She will now contend for the Miss USA crown in November.

Next after her accomplishment, Enriquez commemorated her achievement in a post on Insta Monday.

“Huge thank you to everyone who helped me from day one. My community, you are constantly in my heart. My victory is our triumph. We just earned history. Happy Pride,” she inscribed alongside various rainbow heart emojis.

Enriquez also published a picture before earning the title and disclosed that she had prepared the rainbow dress herself through her apparel chain, KatalunaKouture.

“In appreciation of pride month, and all of those who don’t get an opportunity to disperse their hues. ❤️🧡💛💚💙” she put down the custom dress.

In addition to acquiring KatalunaKouture, Enriquez is a healthcare administer and fashion designer, according to her brief memoir on Miss Silver State USA’s Insta page.

“At an adolescent age, Kataluna battled numerous challenges in her life,” the page reads. “Now she utilizes her life events and shares it in her forum #BEVISIBLE, a movement to battle disgust through vulnerability.”

“As a survivor of physical and sexual misuse and an elegant Transwoman of color, she intends for shattering obstacles and embodies those who aren’t always characterized and begins again to assist several non-profit groups and LGBTQ+ youth,” the post added.

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Snap removes speed filter linked to reckless driving lawsuits!




Snapchat is withdrawing its provocative “speed filter” from Snaps this week, according to NPR reports. The in-app effect promotes your current speed in distances or kilometers per hour. 

Many experts had insisted on highlighting elevated rash driving — with some stating that Snap should be held responsible when the speed filter was correlated to fatal car accidents. There have been increased prosecutions over the years linking Snapchat to car wrecks.

One worrying a 2015 car crash in Georgia reported just a few years after Snapchat was initially updated to incorporate the filter. Since the organization has dismissed the filter to a sticker, concealing it in a separate list makes it more challenging to apply.

The Ninth Circuit Appeals Court lately ordered that Snap be prosecuted for the speed filter/sticker’s responsibility in car mishaps. The tribunal decided that Snap isn’t defended here by Section 230 — a part of the Communications Decency Act that guards businesses against being prosecuted over the content users promulgate on a platform.

Lemmon v. Snap included separate crashes in Georgia that happened in the passing of three men in 2017. The Ninth Circuit court said that the family members of the guys could litigate Snap after the case was initially dropped in 2020.

Snap affirmed that the sticker is being assassinated and submitted the following announcement to The Verge:

“Nothing is more important than the safety of our Snapchat community, and we had previously disabled the filter at driving speeds. However, today the sticker is barely used by Snapchatters, and in light of that, we are removing it altogether.”

Snapchat for iOS is withdrawing its once-popular speed filter amid anxieties about security and rash driving. The filter has become significantly less prevalent over the years, and Snap says it’s now entirely discarded from the application because it’s “barely used.”

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VR Games of The Oculus Rift May Have Ads From Facebook as Testing Begins!



Facebook Inc. plans to run ads for VR games on Oculus Quest headphones. This makes expensive equipment companies a source of income for social media. However, the current movement is a test. According to the company’s blog on Wednesday, Facebook will be posting ads for the action-packed shooter Blaston from Resolution Games and other developers over the next few weeks. A Facebook spokesman said the gaming business gets some of its ad revenue, but has shown no interest.

Last month, Facebook said it would begin testing ads for Oculus content on mobile apps in the virtual reality gaming division. Consumer adoption. In virtual reality, a head-mounted display is needed to shield the real world, making it easier to ensure that someone sees the advertisement.

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg sees virtual devices and augmented reality as a next-generation human communication platform that follows mobile phones and ultimately replaces social interaction. Facebook launches a set of tools for creating competitive virtual reality from Apple Inc. Both companies are also developing their own augmented reality glasses.

At the E3 event in June 2012, Carmack unveiled a head screen shot using Carmac’s proprietary software, based on a successful Oculus Rift prototype. The device has a 5.6-inch (14 cm) LCD display, viewable through a high-speed IMU and two lenses, as well as a 90-degree vertical view and a 110-degree stereoscopic 3D over-eye view.

Over the years, Oculus leaders have refused to put the Facebook brand on their products because they feared opposition from gamers. But starting last year, the parent company began to require new Oculus headset users to have a Facebook account. The company said it uses information about Oculus activities, such as which games and apps are used, to strengthen its targeted advertising business on various products and platforms. Facebook’s “other” revenue category (including products other than advertising such as hardware sales) more than doubled in the first quarter of 2021 to $732 million.

Last year, Oculus’s social media business announced the Quest 2, a versatile virtual reality headset with a high-speed processor for enhanced gaming and a high-resolution display. The entry-level model with 64GB of storage costs $ 299, which is cheaper than the others. The future prospects of virtual and augmented reality are regularly praised on Sunday, and he is very excited about the April sale.

The Oculus Rift was released on March 28, 2016 by Facebook Inc. A series of virtual reality headsets designed and manufactured by the Oculus VR division. In 2012, Oculus launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of Rift, which had been founded as an independent company two months earlier. The project was successful and raised approximately $ 2.5 million from approximately 10,000 contributors. Then, in March 2014, Facebook acquired Oculus for $ 2 billion.

Since the Kickstarter event, Rift has gone through various pre-production models, of which about five models were shown to the public before commercial release. Two of the models were sent to sponsors and marked as development kits; DK1 in mid-2013 and DK2 in mid-2014, designed to provide developers with a platform to publish timely development content for Rift. However, many enthusiasts who wanted to preview the technology in advance also bought these two products.] Rift was commercially released via Rift CV1 in March 2016, which was discontinued in March 2019 with the launch of its successor Oculus Rift S.

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