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Birth rates have been dropping across the United States since COVID-19, including here in Central Texas.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been affecting the whole population of the United States of America. According to one study based on data from the United States Census Bureau, it has also led birth rates to decrease even lower.

According to experts, there has always been a drop, but COVID has caused people to be more apprehensive when it comes to procreating now more than ever.



Naara Meas, a mother of three from the area, says that prices are rising and that adding another member to their family is something they simply cannot afford.

He explained that “climate change, new diseases… the economy isn’t making things any easier.”

She believes that the existing state of affairs is simply too unstable.

“Society is making it difficult,” Meas explained.

It was stated in January by the Labor Department that the consumer pricing index, which measures how much you spend on goods and services, had reached its highest level since 1982, and that a significant portion of the increase can be attributed to COVID-related problems.

Robert Tennant, a professor of economics, stated, “Job security difficulties, rising inflation…we have the fastest inflation growth rate that we have seen in 40 years.”

People are delaying starting or expanding their families, and the drop in birth rates will cause problems in the near future, according to experts.

As Professor Tennant put it, “If we continue to drop… the issues that will arise will be that it will take less and less current working individuals to fund retirement benefits such as social security.” It would have to be taxed at a higher rate in order for it to be viable in the long run.

Despite the fact that Texas women continue to have more babies than women in other states, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the Federal Reserve of Dallas has discovered that the birth rate has declined dramatically throughout the United States since 2007.

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