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Biden to Cut Down Spending Plan By Abandoning Free Tuition in Community Colleges


President Joe Biden plans to eliminate his proposal for tuition-free community college, he tells his fellow Democrats 

This is to cut down the administration’s initial spending plan of $3.5 trillion. Adding to the budget cutdowns including shortened paid leave, cutbacks on renewable energy spending, and a rolled-back child tax credit, the spending plan may be priced to only around $1.75 trillion and $1.9 trillion.

The community college proposal made up $109 billion of the package. Biden has always been passionate about the project, and in fact, two years of free community college was a campaign promise. This has been a key focus for Biden even back when he was vice president.

“My Council of Economic Advisers and the Office of Management and Budget released a report showing clearly how my Build Back Better plan will lower out-of-pocket expenses for families,” Biden said in August.

“For example, a family with two parents who together earn $85,000 per year.  They have an adult daughter who lives with them and attends a community college. 

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Under our Build Back Better plan, their daughter would be eligible for two years of community college free.  That will save them $2,400 a year.  That’s like a $2,400 tax credit.  In addition — and I should say “tax cut,” not just “credit,” he added. 

However, the concession on free college isn’t a surprise, reports say. The administration desperately needs to cut down on costs to accommodate other “pressing” tasks. 

“I don’t know that I can get it done, but I also have proposed free community college, like you’ve done here in the state of Connecticut, to help students from lower-income families attend community college (and) four-year schools.” President Biden had said. “We cannot be competitive in the 21st century in this global economy if we fail to invest.”
As of now, there is no final deal for the new spending plan. 
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